Two skeins of Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash, Chunky ended up in my supplies this trip. Without a project in mind I fondled it for a few days. It is so incredibly soft with a lovely bouncy loft and it just slides through my hands like water.

I cast on a scarf, but the stitch pattern took some deciding upon. I was browsing my new copy of Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague and the leafy pattern around the neck of Lauriel, but really liked the hem with the leafs traveling up into the body. 

I quickly got distracted from that and decided I wanted something reversible and simple and started browsing Ravelry for ideas. Nothing popped out at me and I started trying to work something out on my own.  
 A very simple stitch pattern I worked out, though I'm sure I'm not the first. It is more or less a 1x1 ribbing with a seed stitch column between ribs. After 8 rows I alternate the purl columns and the knit columns. If you are interested in the pattern, you can check it out below. It's simple and easy to memorize.
It is resulting in a slightly puffy, non curling fabric that I plan to lightly block. This should make a great masculine scarf which is intended as another Christmas present. I usually plan to keep projects I cast on with no intentions or desires, but sometimes it just speaks to me and tells me who it wants to go to. This one knows exactly to whom it belongs already.

Stitch pattern:
Cast on a multiple of 4 sts +1 (I used 25 on size 10s)
Rows 1-8 K1 *P1 K3 rep from * to end.
Rows 9-16 *K3 P1 rep from * to last stitch K1

That's it. Easy peasy.


Anonymous said...

I love how this is turning out! The pattern is lovely. That yarn really is soft and bouncy. I like how it knits up.

Susan said...

Your project looks really great already!