BFL/Silk Shawl, grafted and dyed

So I grafted and dyed the BFL/Silk shawl.  HOORAY!

Here is a picture for you mid graft.  I will tell you a secret, I am not an expert grafter.  I screwed it up in several ways and it still worked out.  For starters, I finished each side after a right side row so the grafting row for each side would be a simple purl across row.  Easy weaving with no yarn overs or k2tog to figure out.  However for one side I ran out of yarn about 5 stitches from the end.  Guess what, I just didn't finish that row.  So I am exactly one row short for 5 stitches of the edge.  And it came out just fine.

Also twice, mid graft I realized that I had gotten off some where, one side which was my first stitch would be  behind by one stitch (I really only checked at the YO stitches), so I just ran the needle through it once instead of twice to catch back up.  And it came out just fine.  It looks great.

Now we all remember how much I hated that color.  And I was going to over dye it.  I wasn't sure what color, but I knew it would be darker.  As my dye pot heated on the stove, I looked at my set and thought, maybe I'll start with red and if I don't like it, I'll do it again with some blue.  I couldn't decide between vermillion or fire red (Jacquard Acid Dyes) so I gave it a little of both.
I couldn't be more thrilled with the color.  I had planned to block it before going to bed, but I was too busy playing video games and watching The Legend of Neil.  I will try and block it this week. I really really hope it grows in blocking.  I'm starting to think I should have knit it much narrower.

Below is all that remains.  Every last scrap of my yarn.
And just so we all remember, this was where we started.
I also spun up a sample of polworth that I purchased from someone on Ravelry.  I loosely spun and 2 plied a handful, then measured the angles of twist for future reference.  It was so lovely I was ready to dump all my other projects and play with it some more.  But I'll be good.  I'm focused.

My roommate needs a simple watch cap.  Just a plain hat.  I can't decide on a color work pattern.  Apparently, I don't do simple.

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