Lace Slouch FO

I think I am convinced that lace slouch hats are way easier to make than any other style of knitted hat.  When you knit a beanie, you run the risk of it being to small, too short or way too big.  But the lace slouch.  The only part that has to fit is the ribbed brim, then you just make it huge and win!

So I made a lace slouch hat for my friend Hilary who maybe let on that she would like a hat. Very subtle-y mind you.  I almost couldn't tell she was asking (that was sarcasm).  But she's a fledgling knitter and I pushed her to make herself.  Then plotted a hat on the side.

I think she likes it.
Now, these beautiful pictures she took for me don't showcase the mistakes.  I maybe got my second lace repeat off set from the first in an awkward manner and didn't care to go back and fix it.
The lace was from a hardcover knitting reference book I picked up in a used book store in Nampa, ID last year.  I don't remember the name, or author and scouring online booksellers for a book who's name I can't remember isn't turning out successful.
It was knit with some Cascade 220 that was in my stash from an online ebay purchase a few years ago that I threw in my bag for this last cruise, just in case.

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Susan said...

Gorgeous! Great yarn color, too.