Hallows Grows and Knits in the Wild

I made my friend, co-worker and roommate Steve a hat.  It is with Jared Flood's yarn Shelter.

It's three colors with some fair isle patterning.  I knit most of it when I was home sick from work one day, laying on the couch.
Knitting with shelter was not what I expected.  I didn't love it.  It pulls apart really easy, wasn't as soft as I thought it would be.  It's like scratchy held together with air.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the scads of skeins I bought at Churchmouse this year.

I am however pleased that Steve is wearing it frequently (our lab is COLD, hence all the ugly sweater wearing).  It seems to fit well and doesn't migrate off like hats that are too tight does but it doesn't fall off like hats that are too big.
Hallows continues to grow and I have started on the yoke section of the sweater.  For my first round of increases I went with a knit 1, knit into the stitch below it method and I'm not sure I like how it looks.  I thought it might be easier than trying to make one from the bar between stitches with the color work, but that might be a better method.  I have rows before I decrease again, so I'll probably switch it up there.
Another gratuitous sexy yoke close up.
So far I'm so happy.  I'm curious about this yoke business, if I have the right number of stitches, if I planned my decreases appropriately, if my gauge is going to go nuts-o in the color work.  But we'll see.  So far, satisfactory knitting.  Now that all the math is worked out.

I am kind of wishing I had chosen different, less neutral colors.  But I'm not gonna let that bug me.  This will be a utilitarian knit.

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