I am Wearing an Ugly Sweater.

I am wearing an ugly sweater.  It's true, it's ugly.  It was home made by me and even I cannot appreciate the homemade awesomeness.

I would like to discuss all the ways that this sweater is hideous.
  1. Let's start at the neckline.  It took me 5 minutes of fussing to make the neckline look this good.  I really needed some ribbing.  Or better shaping.  Better shaping would include a lower front and a higher back.
  2. How about the extra room in the bust? It gives me some kind of saggy boob syndrome that I do not suffer from. I'm wearing a brand new, super lift-y bra.  You wouldn't know it from this sweater, but they are practically in my chin.
  3. The arms are too short and too wide. 
  4. Those acrylic buttons do not belong.

 I made this sweater years ago from a recycled sweater. Then a year or so later I steeked it into a cardigan with buttons I hate because they were the only buttons available at the time of the right size for my buttons holes.

So why I am I wearing it? It's loose, it's warm and I don't care how I look sitting in my lab.  It was the third sweater I ever made for myself, with no pattern.  I still love you Ugly Sweater.

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