Of Hallows and Horcruxes, swatch

I swatched on size 8s and it is unblocked.  I'm really uncomfortable with how uneven my color work is (yes I know it isn't blocked) but I think it is a function of two things, 1- two color knitting is always a little wonkier for me, I need more practice and 2 - purling two colors.

It is also a little looser in general than I would like.  I am going to try swatching again on size 7s.  I think I could use the color work practice as well as I might like the fabric tightened up a little, especially on the solid color sections.

Now here is a question, I might need to recover the yarn from my swatch.  Do I cut the ends to make it easier to knit a new swatch or leave the swatches attached so I can rip them all out in a continuous strand?

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trifarina said...

I don't think your colorwork is uneven! If the yarn is wool, I would cut the ends and spit splice later if needed.