Underway Again

Our current cruise is keeping up a blog and you can find it here on the Kutztown webpage.

I brought with me an entire box of Knit Picks: Wool of the Andes to try knitting a Of Hallows and Horcruxes sweater on this cruise.  All of my Christmas knitting is done, so why not spend the next two months knitting something for me?  I'm working on it as a knit a long with a few friends of mine.

I started a swatch for the color worked yoke and ran across some issues.  The sweater is knit flat, but I found on row 6 that the two yarns I needed were on opposite sides of the swatch. I fixed it with some finagling, but came across a similar problem later.  So I made a comment on the pattern page asking about it and the designer answered without answering my question at all.

Last night I sat down with grid paper and mapped it out and it is impossible to do without cutting and re-attaching the yarn.  So I added an extra solid color row to fix this at row 9.  I think that this will work out much better as I have planned to modify the sweater into a circular yoke instead of the raglan style yoke in the original and this gives me another solid color row that makes evenly spacing my increases easier.

Other modifications I have planned are to forgo the cabled button band and use an I-cord edging and probably sew in a zipper.

Now if I can successfully complete a swatch and get some kind of gauge I'm happy with.  I'm feeling like the size 8 needles are producing a more open fabric than I'm liking.  I am probably knitting ridiculously loose thanks to trying to keep even tension in the color work.  I wonder if my gauge will change from the color pattern to the solid pattern. I might have to knit both into the swatch.

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