Goodwill Steal

I went to the Goodwill on Boxing Day.  There was a huge sale and if Goodwill shopping were a competition, I would have won.  All 5 things I tried on fit.  I got a brand new, still tags on, $40 dress shirt for $4.  Now for the big one. I found a vintage, hand knit, fair isle yoked cardigan.  And it fit.

It was stiff with age and dirt so the first thing I did was wash it.  After 8 or 9 vigorous washes, the wash water was still dingy, but I was losing patience.

I ran it through the spin cycle before laying it out to dry.  After drying it really softened up and fit even better.  I found a whole in the waist ribbing. 

It was probably exacerbated by the vigorous washing, but that's fine, it allowed me to patch it.  So I got to practice my darning skills.
I don't have a great full body photo of the sweater, but I wore it out and about Seattle with my sisters before they left town and we got this beautiful photo of the beautiful women I adore. 
I am so impressed by this sweater: the tidiness of the floats on the back side, the even stitching, the subtle and earthy color choice.  I'm sure you are going to get a whole new photo shoot highlighting everything I find awesome about this sweater.  My camera crapped out at Christmas this year, so I need to buy a new one first.


Spinning Too

I've also been actively spinning.

I've really enjoyed this Falkland fiber from At Knits End on Etsy.com.  It was spun from the fold and chain plied on the fly.
 I really thought I was doing well to get a squishy yarn but it I started to knit with it a little and it feels really dense.  I know handspun yarn is traditionally denser than mill spun yarn, but I am really surprised with how dense this came out.

I haven't thwacked it or set the twist.  I'll hank it up later and give it a good soaking and beating and see if it fluffs up.

I have also been spinning some mill ends from the Sheep Shed Studio that I dyed last year in Boise State University colors inspired by my super fan cousin.
The blue and orange is a traditional three ply, but I ran out of orange so I got a chain ply out of the remaining blue.  Maybe I'll get a hat out if it.  Maybe.  But it looks like its probably only 2 or 3 ounces.  So we'll see.  It also has not been set yet.


My First Baby Surprise

I could potentially have been done with my Of Hallows and Horcruxes sweater if I had stuck to the plan and knit only on it.  However, I let myself get distracted with my first ever Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. 

I couldn't help it though. It was fast and interesting and I know babies.  So it had to get done.  Above is a picture of my seaming at the top of the sleeve.  It got really difficult to see and I had to take frequent breaks to look away from the green.
I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket all except for the buttons.  I could swear I came out here with blue marbled buttons, but hell if I can find them.  Then ends are woven in, the sleeves are seamed and my nephew will be at my house two days after I get back to try it on.


Quiet but Busy.

I have been quiet, but I have been busy.

As you can see, progress on my Of Hallows and Horcruxes continues.

I seamed up the front temporarily to try it on and make sure it actually goes around my chest.  You can see a line where it is pulling, but I think that is where my lifeline is.  I didn't have a spare non-wool yarn to use so it sticks a little. 

Immediately after this photo I dropped to a size 5 needle (from the 6 I had been using) and began the 2x2 ribbing at the bottom.  I'm knitting on the hem now and it is basically a sleeveless hoodie.  I anticipate casting off the bottom edge tonight.