Goodwill Steal

I went to the Goodwill on Boxing Day.  There was a huge sale and if Goodwill shopping were a competition, I would have won.  All 5 things I tried on fit.  I got a brand new, still tags on, $40 dress shirt for $4.  Now for the big one. I found a vintage, hand knit, fair isle yoked cardigan.  And it fit.

It was stiff with age and dirt so the first thing I did was wash it.  After 8 or 9 vigorous washes, the wash water was still dingy, but I was losing patience.

I ran it through the spin cycle before laying it out to dry.  After drying it really softened up and fit even better.  I found a whole in the waist ribbing. 

It was probably exacerbated by the vigorous washing, but that's fine, it allowed me to patch it.  So I got to practice my darning skills.
I don't have a great full body photo of the sweater, but I wore it out and about Seattle with my sisters before they left town and we got this beautiful photo of the beautiful women I adore. 
I am so impressed by this sweater: the tidiness of the floats on the back side, the even stitching, the subtle and earthy color choice.  I'm sure you are going to get a whole new photo shoot highlighting everything I find awesome about this sweater.  My camera crapped out at Christmas this year, so I need to buy a new one first.

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geeksdoitbetter said...


so pleased you found that sweater

it clearly needed a new home to be loved and adored in

i hope the knitter, where ever zie has passed on to, will be smiling