My First Baby Surprise

I could potentially have been done with my Of Hallows and Horcruxes sweater if I had stuck to the plan and knit only on it.  However, I let myself get distracted with my first ever Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. 

I couldn't help it though. It was fast and interesting and I know babies.  So it had to get done.  Above is a picture of my seaming at the top of the sleeve.  It got really difficult to see and I had to take frequent breaks to look away from the green.
I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket all except for the buttons.  I could swear I came out here with blue marbled buttons, but hell if I can find them.  Then ends are woven in, the sleeves are seamed and my nephew will be at my house two days after I get back to try it on.

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Susan said...

Gorgeous color for the baby surprise jacket. Too cute!