Quiet but Busy.

I have been quiet, but I have been busy.

As you can see, progress on my Of Hallows and Horcruxes continues.

I seamed up the front temporarily to try it on and make sure it actually goes around my chest.  You can see a line where it is pulling, but I think that is where my lifeline is.  I didn't have a spare non-wool yarn to use so it sticks a little. 

Immediately after this photo I dropped to a size 5 needle (from the 6 I had been using) and began the 2x2 ribbing at the bottom.  I'm knitting on the hem now and it is basically a sleeveless hoodie.  I anticipate casting off the bottom edge tonight.


Susan said...

When you block it, it is going to be a PERFECT fit. I like that this one fits your frame. Stop hiding that hot body of yours!

Anonymous said...

It's looking so good!