Spinning Too

I've also been actively spinning.

I've really enjoyed this Falkland fiber from At Knits End on Etsy.com.  It was spun from the fold and chain plied on the fly.
 I really thought I was doing well to get a squishy yarn but it I started to knit with it a little and it feels really dense.  I know handspun yarn is traditionally denser than mill spun yarn, but I am really surprised with how dense this came out.

I haven't thwacked it or set the twist.  I'll hank it up later and give it a good soaking and beating and see if it fluffs up.

I have also been spinning some mill ends from the Sheep Shed Studio that I dyed last year in Boise State University colors inspired by my super fan cousin.
The blue and orange is a traditional three ply, but I ran out of orange so I got a chain ply out of the remaining blue.  Maybe I'll get a hat out if it.  Maybe.  But it looks like its probably only 2 or 3 ounces.  So we'll see.  It also has not been set yet.

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