Last month I spent a week in Newport, Oregon for a tech refresher course sponsored by NOAA. It was a week of review in basic electrical theory, a little geophysics and technology.

It happened to take place during the biggest winter storm to hit the Pacific Northwest this season. That meant a lot of our lecturers couldn't make it down from Seattle, which was hit hard with snow. In Newport the storm manifested itself as high winds (high as in hurricane force, not just a little breezy) and buckets of rain. Western Oregon was in danger of serious flooding. If you wanna read more about that, I suggest Captain Jenny's blog (she works on an Oregon ferry).

I found a yarn store in Newport. One yarn store. I don't remember the name. They opened after we started for the day and closed before we got out. So every day at lunch I tried to run over. And every day, they were closed for weather. I made five attempts. That's how dedicated I was and I never got my wooly reward.

So on my drive back North I insisted on finding another; I would not leave unsatisfied! I found a little place in an aging strip mall outside of Portland and skirted in ten minutes before they closed on a Friday night. I of course do not remember the name as I'm off at sea again.

I browsed and I browsed and I spent $120+ on yarn, needles and knitting magazines. The danger of starving a knitter is serious damage to their pocket book.

I browsed with someone in particular in mind. You know when you make a new friend and you love them and you feel an overwhelming urge to wrap them in wooly love?  I bought several superwashes in reds which were drawing me in, but then a merino, cashmere, silk blend won me over. It wasn't available in reds and I went with a mottled blue. Names are escaping me.

I settled down with a Rubinator at a McMinneman's (did I spell that right?) And started flipping through the mags I had purchased for inspiration. I wanted a cowl or an infinity scarf but nothing was to be had.  However, in the recent Vogue Knitting was a great lace wrap, the Lace Poncho by Tanis Gray.

I swiped the lace pattern, adapted it for an infinity scarf and that is the project that made it out with me. I'm basically knitting a scarf and I'll seam it up end to end when I'm finished.