Two years goes like that...

I am as stunned as you are that I let this blog sit unmolested for two full years. If it is still apart of your blogroll, thank you for sticking around.

It is not that I haven't been knitting. I absolutely have. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what happened to that infinity shawl I was knitting on last post. I have a sneaking suspicion it is the one I gave to my beautiful Margo, but I'll have to look for documentation, because my memory is full of holes.  Maybe I'll find some pictures of it somewhere.

I still knit often. Maybe not as often as some of those hard cores out there. But regularly.  I just have gotten out of the habit of documenting them well. Crappy cell phone photos of my knitting have worn me out and I really don't enjoy trying to pose them for a shot. Or find models.  I'm not great at taking notes of my progress and I change patterns often enough, sometimes on a whim midway through and don't have a record of it anywhere. But I got tired of keeping the notes. I just want the process.  Once upon a time I thought, as maybe most folks who start a knitting blog, that I could be a knitwear designer.  I could write patterns and sell them and be a millionaire who gets to knit all day.


Time has cleared my thinking, don't worry. I have built a life I love that is much too full to keep up with knitwear trends, the latest Knitty.com patterns or forum chatter on Ravelry.com. I took on an additional semi-job, I moved in with some of my best friends and started writing again.  The importance of documenting my knitting, no longer matters.  I don't knit as often during movies and conversations as I used to. Perhaps it's a sign of growth that I no longer "need" to keep my hands busy.  I'm now capable of talking about real subjects without staring at my needles and yarn.

But fret not. Knitting is still a balm for the parts of life that sting. It feels wonderful to create finished masterpieces.  When I need to think, sitting down to a project frees up my brain to really roll ideas around my brain.

I have realized that I can be a knitwear designer for myself. For my own gratification and that is nothing to be ashamed of.  I don't need the recognition of adoring knitters, I'll settle for happy recipients.  And that I appear to have in plenty.  I spent the last few days updating my Ravelry projects and I know there is more updating to come as pictures are found.  So here I give you a smattering of my recent project photos.  There have been shawls and hats and sweaters to name a few.