It isn't an anniversary post, because I'm a long way from any sort of anniversary, even if it was a brand new relationship measured in hours, days and weeks.

But on July 13, 2006 I started this blog. Which you could read here. Holy crap, it is terrible.

There is a long list of reasons I started a knitting blog back then. Knitting blogs were all the rage.

[[And to the non-knitters, I know right?!? But they totally were.]]

I had read every single word of Crazy Aunt Purl's blog at the time (coincidentally, no longer being writte). I had a lot of needs. I needed a community to talk to about the knitting obsession I had recently acquired and my boyfriend while supportive, infinitely preferred World of Warcraft.

I wanted to be unique, so I didn't capitalize anything. I really had no concept of knit language and I thought Cascade 220 was over priced and referred to the local yarn store (LYS) as a "specialty shop."

I went back to the beginning because writing has become a part of my life again lately and I wanted to see how I had changed. I read that one post and stopped. I'm not sure that I should go further. I'm not sure what I could possibly learn about myself except how stupid I was. How self centered I can be. How miserably I spent a lot of those years. You can tell when I was depressed, I had a lot to say about knitting.  Most of the good times were spent away from the keyboard.  I'll want to re-edit the whole thing.

But maybe I should leave it enshrined.  To who I was.  And remain infinitely glad I'm not her anymore.

If you are interested in some of the things I've been working on lately, check out my contributions to The Yearbook Office, created by the amazingly talented Alice Lee.  While you are there, check out everyone else's contributions as well. Krissy's contribution kills me and Josh A. Cagan delights even when he makes me cry.

The past is the past. Now, for onward and upward!

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