I completed a project last week.  For those of you who don't recognize it, it is based on a scarf warn by Doctor Who in the 15th season of the series. I'm not a fan of the show, so that's what the internet told me. I would appreciate it if you didn't inform me of all the ways that statement or this scarf are incorrect.

I made it for a friend of mine.  There is some disagreement on how I ended up promising him I would make the scarf. He swears up and down he didn't ask me to do it, that I offered. And I know he either said "unless you would knit it..." or gave me sad pleading eyes that sounded exactly like that. I'm pretty sure it was the pleading eyes.  Deny all he likes, he begged me non-verbally.  Unless of course, that was the knitter's bleeding heart. We were standing at a frigid bus stop in downtown Seattle late at night after watching the latest Who-thing in a nearby movie theater and he was gallantly keeping me company as protection against whatever was gonna get me in the wee hours of downtown.

I had, just that night, lost a pair of hand knit finger-less gloves I made myself years ago.  Talk came round to warm things.  I believe I was stunned that he doesn't own any scarves, my woolly sense perked up at that, and ideas started cranking through my head while we talked. Suddenly, buying a Doctor Who scarf online came up. And I balked. I balked so hard. Here was a dear friend of mine, with nothing to warm his neck and I, a knitter of (let's face it) the most impressive skill and he talks of *buying*.

Ok. He may not have asked.  Out loud. But there is not one knitter out there who will disagree with me, he was begging for it. Hand made love was required. I could stand for nothing less, store bought, just would not suffice.

So I got to looking on the internet and before you know it, I was picking out Wool of the Andes colors on Knit Picks and planning a scarf based on this Ravelry page.

I just put the fringe on it and got you some terrible photos. It is not the miles long these scarves are reported to be. But it is a perfectly manageable length that might actually get some wear (I'm not sure why I thought someone who isn't in the habit of wearing scarves would wear a 15' one, something must be broken in both of our brains). The garter stitch was not boring thanks to the color changes. I paused about every quarter of the scarf to weave in ends.  And I am pleasantly surprised to have about 10 balls left of various colors.  The colors grew on me.  I love the weight and drape. Doug's lucky I have leftover yarn, or I might have considered keeping the scarf. Telling him it was lost at sea and wearing it when he wasn't around.

I haven't washed it yet. It could grow a mile when I do. But right now, I am so pleased.

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